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Equipment Rentals

Auxier & Associates has a large inventory of health physics equipment, including count rate meters, dose rate meters, probes, scalers and more. Whatever your radiation detection equipment needs, Auxier can provide you with the necessary equipment on a weekly or monthly rental basis. In most cases, we can have the equipment to you the next day, ready for field operations.

Please call our office at 865-675-3669 or email [email protected] for a quote today. Below is a partial list of Auxier’s rental equipment:

  • Trimble TSC1 Global Positioning Unit (with or without survey equipment)
  • Ludlum Model 3
  • Ludlum Model 12
  • Ludlum Model 44-10
  • Ludlum Model 2221
  • Ludlum Model 44-2
  • Ludlum Model 44-9
  • Ludlum Model 19
  • Bicron Microrem
  • Ludlum 2360/4393?