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Site Characterization

In many cases, the exact nature and extent of radiological contamination at a site is not known. It then becomes necessary to "go out and look" at the site with specialized radiation detection equipment to determine what radioactive material is present, its precise location on a site, and the extent of any contamination.

The staff of Auxier & Associates (A&A) has characterized sites in 40 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Some of the radionuclides found in these characterizations included:

   • Isotopes from the uranium, thorium, and actinide decay chains
      (e.g. U-234, U-235, U-238, Th-230, Th-232, Ra-226, Ra-228,
      and Po-210)
   • Fission products like Ce-137, Sr-90, and Tc-99
   • Transuranics such as Np-237, Pu-238, and Pu-239

We have extensive experience developing radiological survey strategies, plans, and protocols. We routinely conduct radiological surveys for all phases of remediation and license termination. Our regulatory experience in this area spans all relevant federal agencies and most state radiological agencies. Further, A&A is thoroughly familiar with the MARSSIM process of planning and implementation.

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