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Internal Dosimetry

Estimating radiation doses from radionuclides in the body is a complicated procedure. Auxier & Associates (A&A) performs the necessary metabolic modeling and energy deposition calculations to determine doses for either prospective (dose prediction) or retrospective (dose reconstruction) applications.

Reconstruction of internal doses requires interpretation of bioassay data and the knowledgeable use of dynamic mathematical models for specific organs and intake circumstances. It is necessary to collect reliable, representative data regarding the amount and distribution of the radionuclides in the environment and specific organs. Interpretation requires understanding the sensitivity of the model and the biological system to a wide range of physical and chemical conditions.

A&A has successfully applied these various scientific methods and calculations for either extensive or limited data sets in many visible and peer reviewed situations. We have participated in all aspects of bioassay and internal dosimetry, including:

   • Design and implementation of bioassay programs for a wide       variety of situations
   • Application of computer models to internal dosimetry projects
   • Interpretation of in vivo and in vitro bioassay

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