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Health Physics Program Audit

Many times an assessment is not sufficiently detailed to find answers to your problems and concerns. When this occasion arises, a full audit is usually more helpful than an assessment. An audit is much more thorough and pays great attention to even the smallest detail of the program. During an audit our staff will conduct a comprehensive review of company standard operating procedures and all relevant data to ensure that all state and federal requirements are being met. An on-site inspection, with interviews of your employees, will determine whether your current standard operating procedures are being followed. We will also study current management practices to ensure that your company is meeting your goals. After our staff gathers all information compiled from the audit, we can provide a report of our findings as well as suggestions for improvement.


Auxier & Associates feels that a team approach with multidisciplinary personnel produces the most successful and informative assessments and audits. Technical, regulatory, and management issues and concerns frequently must be addressed and evaluated. To provide you with audits or assessments that are thorough and tailored to your specific needs, we offer a select staff with extensive practical experience in general health physics, supplemented with related areas of specialization, such as:

   • Environmental Monitoring
   • Regulations and Standards
   • Database Development
   • Effluent Sampling/ Monitoring
   • ALARA Evaluations
   • Contamination Control
   • Dosimetry
   • Survey Procedures
   • Bioassay

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