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Auxier & Associates, Inc. (A&A) is a world leader in the health, safety and environmental consulting field. We provide a full spectrum of radiation services to a variety of clients. Our capabilities range from totally managing your project to simply acting as a reliable, consistent and dependable resource. Our resources include our outstanding staff of scientists with a vast collection of current and historical knowledge, and an expansive library of technical information.

Established in 1992, we are an employee owned company with well over 200 years of cumulative experience in health physics and related fields. We have assembled a world class group of scientists with a history of superior performance and capabilities. We are lead by our prestigious president, John A. Auxier, Ph.D., CHP. His exceptional abilities have earned him the recognition of the Health Physics Society; he is one of only two individuals in the 52 year history of the Health Physics Society to receive all four of its top awards. Dr. Auxier leads by example and has provided a life time of outstanding service to the world community. He is an outstanding Health Physicists who has been mentoring decades of eager and intelligent minds.

Based on your specific individual needs, A&A works with you to assemble the correct professionals to assist you with your specific situation. We will then lead you through the entire process of solving your radiological questions and needs. We pride ourselves on being accurate and efficient. Auxier & Associates will work you to provide the right answer the first time; thus being economically competitive by saving you money by avoiding having to revisit the problem or even having to do the work again.

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