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External Dosimetry

External radiation dosimetry concerns radiation doses received from sources outside of the body. Our associates includes internationally and nationally recognized experts in the field of external dosimetry for electrons, photons, neutrons, and mixtures of these radiations. Our capabilities in the field of external radiation dosimetry range from the design and development of instrumentation and measurement methods to workplace monitoring and reconstruction of retrospective doses.

Auxier & Associates (A&A) has the experience and modeling tools necessary to evaluate the effects of simple or non-homogeneous distributions and exposure patterns on doses and dose rates for the entire body and specific target organs. These capabilities can be applied to a variety of situations, ranging from ambient background levels to accident or weapon-test related doses.

A&A has quantified external doses for individuals at NRC-licensed, DOE contractor, and commercial client facilities, and understands the different regulatory requirements associated with each. Other experience in external dosimetry includes:

   • Issuing and tracking personnel monitoring
   • Program development and upgrades
   • Development of operational procedures
   • Technical assessments and evaluations
   • Quality assurance and regulatory compliance audits
   • Program design
   • External dosimetry measurement and calibration procedures

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