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Environmental Assessments

An environmental site assessment is a specialized type of site characterization tailored to satisfy due diligence requirements during property transfers. A Phase I environmental assessment protects both the buyer and the seller by identifying environmental conditions on the property. A Phase II assessment provides a more detailed evaluation of the impacts and hazards of conditions identified in the Phase I assessment.

Typically an environmental assessment may be required on an abandoned or under used commercial or industrial property where historical information indicates hazardous materials may have been produced, used, handled, or stored.

During an environmental site assessment, information about past activities and levels of hazardous or radiological contamination are collected. This information is used to evaluate the potential financial liabilities associated with environmental conditions on the property. An environmental assessment can also be used to evaluate the feasibility of the future use proposed for the property.

Auxier and Associates has performed a variety of Environmental Assessments involving sites that contained a variety of radiological materials and other hazardous substances including isotope production facilities, property adjacent to a Department of Energy research laboratory, and a proposed development next to an inactive rare earth mine.

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