Auxier & Associates, Inc.
Auxier & Associates consists of the following senior staff members and consulting associates:

John A. Auxier, Ph.D., CHP, President of Auxier & Associates, Inc.

Dr. Auxier has over 50 years of experience in health physics, with an extensive background in radiation dosimetry. He participated in, and ultimately directed, successful efforts to obtain levels of radiation doses for survivors of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. He has extensive experience in site characterization and assessment of environmental contamination due to nuclear weapons testing.

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Michael K. Bollenbacher, M.S., CHP, REA - Mr. Bollenbacher has 25 years of experience in health physics and environmental engineering with recent emphasis on site characterization and decommissioning. He also has specialized experience in:

   • Project management
   • Site characterization and remediation
   • Environmental dose/risk assessment and pathway analysis
   • Environmental transport and exposure modeling
   • Development of computer codes and databases for routine and  
      specialized applications
   • Radiological and hazardous material sampling
   • Data evaluation and presentation
   • Modeling

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Marsha A. Joseph, M.S. -
Ms. Joseph has over 25 years of technical experience, including 10 years experience as a technical illustrator, specializing in:

   • Quality assurance/quality control of project documentation, field       survey data, and analytical data
   • Implementation and oversight of radiological surveys
   • Development of computer codes and databases for routine and       specialized applications
   • Network and database management
   • AutoCAD illustrations

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Joseph L. Alvarez, Ph.D., CHP - Dr. Alvarez has over 30 years of experience in health physics, risk assessments, aerosol physics, and related fields with specialization in:

   • Instrumentation selection and development for routine and       special applications of statistical methodologies to data analysis
   • Work place and effluent air monitoring and sampling
   • External dosimetry with extensive knowledge of beta dosimetry
   • Occupational radiation protection programs
   • Radon measurement and mitigation

Richard R. Brey, Ph.D., CHP - Dr. Brey has over 25 years of experience in the health physics field. He is a professor of physics and the director of the health physics program at Idaho State University. In addition, he serves as a radiation safety officer and directs the Environmental Assessment Laboratory at ISU. His fields of expertise include:

   • Internal dosimetry and evaluation of historical exposures
   • Radiation dose and dose rate effects on chemical and biological       systems
   • Radiation detection instruments and methods for       detecting/measuring radiation
   • Occupational radiation protection programs
   • Training and applied health physics

Leslie W. Cole, M.S., CHP - Mr. Cole has over 37 years of experience in both applied and environmental health physics with specific emphasis in:

   • Project management
   • Environmental sampling
   • Analysis and data evaluation
   • Health physics and safety program evaluations
   • Radiological and mixed waste management
   • Site characterization and remediation
   • NORM evaluation and assessment
   • Uranium health physics

Tom F. Gesell, Ph.D., CHP - Dr. Gesell has over 30 years of experience in the field of health physics. He is a Professor of Health Physics at Idaho State University where he also directs the ISU Environmental Monitoring Program and serves as radiation safety officer.
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